BEYONCÉ Album First Week Sales Projections

Beyoncé’s surprise, self titled album (see booklet & production credits here) dropped out of no where on iTunes at midnight sans any announcement or promo but it still projected to do decent numbers on next week’s sales chart. The iTunes exclusive “visual album” from Bey containing 14 songs and 17 music videos sold about 80k within the first few hours, according to Billboard.


Now Hits Daily Double which is usually spot on with their expert projections are claiming that the album will sell around 200k by the end of the week with a chance to go even higher, which should be good enough to slide Garth Brooks to #2. We shall wait and see what happens.

UPDATE: HDD has confirmed that the album has already sold over 500k downloads in 48 hours. If our estimates our right, it easily has a chance to cross the 600k mark.

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