Twitter Releases List of Most Tweeted About Rappers Of 2013

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Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms today. It’s something that almost no artist can avoid taking advantage of, no matter how big or small he/she is. Twitter has released an interesting list of top 3 rappers who were mentioned (@ed) the most number of times this year and it’s really no surprise that Drake tops it.


According to MTV, Drake was able to generate 52,202,000 tweets while his album Nothing Was the Same was tweeted about 2,942,000 times. Other trending topics like #DrakeTwitterPassword, #DrakeTaughtMe, ‘Wu-Tang Forever’, ‘Pound Cake’ and ‘The Language’ were also dominant in the tweet world.

Eminem comes second on the list with 21,271,953 tweets and his single ‘Rap God’ (which we debuted by the way, leading to our site crashing for about 20 minutes) being the most popular topic.

Lil Wayne is third on the list. Aside from I Am Not A Human Being II release, his hospitalization in March attracted 101,000 tweets from fans all over the world.

Kanye’s ‘New Slaves video debut on buildings in various cities of the world this Summer was able to generate more than 500,000 tweets while his Yeezus release generated 4.4 million mentions, making it the most tweeted about Rap album of 2013.

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