Beyoncé: Self-Titled (Documentary)

beyonce doc

Beyoncé has created a mini documentary called Self-Titled which she is releasing in parts. In the film, Bey talks about inspiration behind making of a visual album containing 14 songs and 17 videos and why she decided to roll out like this. In part 2, she talks about losing Star Search television show as a child, discovering Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, finding beauty in imperfection and importance of enjoying our short lives.


Watch part 1 and 2 of the documentary below. BEYONCÉ sold 617k in the first 3 days to become the fastest selling album on iTunes.

UPDATE: Watch part 3 of the doc below where there is also in-studio footage of Jay and Bey recording ‘Drunk In Love’.

UPDATE 2: Watch Part 4 of the documentary below where Bey talks about the sexual tone of her album, the making of ‘Partition’ song & video and why she doesn’t want to play for her mother, working hard to lose weight after giving birth and more.

UPDATE 3: Part 5 is now available.

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