Rick Ross Addresses His CO Past: “To feed my family I’ll do it again”

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Rick Ross doesn’t talk about his controversial past too much but he did address it on MTV Rapfix episode today. Back in 2008, Ross made headlines when his past as a Corrections Officer was exposed. He immediately denied it but about a year later, did go on record to finally admit it.


Today he broke down the lyrics on his song ‘Rich Is Gangsta’ from Mastermind where he raps:

“Feds tore apart the squad n—a, that’s why I had to play the part n—a/That wasn’t me, it was a job n–a,” he spits, clearly referencing the scandal. “It gets deeper, that was just a start, n—a.”

Ross said the lines referred to the time when he was a CO and to feed his family, he would do it again.

“And right now, to feed my family — I’d do it again. To feed my kids, I’d go get it. We gon’ get it. My whole team gon’ go get it. We gon win. And that’s with everything we ever did. I been winning.”

Ross also confirmed that he recorded ‘Maybach Music V’ with Bobby Womack but it didn’t make the cut on the album. We can expect to hear it soon.

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