50 Cent Comments On Slowbucks & Trav Photo With 50 Cent’s Son: “This picture was a bad idea”

trav 50 cent son

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50 Cent and upcoming rapper Trav’s problems took a new turn last night when the latter posed with Slowbucks in an Instagram picture. But who’s that second from the left in the photo? That’s 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson who is all grown up now.


The origin of Trav and 50’s tension isn’t known but in August last year, 50 almost confronted Trav at the mixshow live conference in Atlanta before Meek Mill intervened and defused the situation. Interestingly, 50 Cent spotted this particular photo and commented a one-liner “this picture was a bad idea“.

Hopefully, this situation will not turn violent.

UPDATE: 50 Cent’s entourage reportedly robbed Slowbucks of his chain on the Hot 97 Summer Jam stage. Watch the footage here.

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