The Roots – ‘…and then you shoot your cousin’ (Album Stream)

the roots and then you shoot your cousin

Well, here’s a nice surprise. The Roots’ new album …and then you shoot your cousin is set to hit stores on May 20th but they are giving fans chance to stream the entire LP a week in advance (via Pitchfork). Press play on the conceptual album below and if you’re feeling it, purchase your copy here.


1. Theme From Middle of the Night – Nina Simone
2. Never (Feat. Patty Crash)
3. When the People Cheer (Feat. Modesty Lycan & Greg Porn)
4 The Devil – Mary Lou Williams
5. Black Rock (Feat. Dice Raw)
6. Understand (Feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn)
7. Dies Irae – Michel Chion
8. The Coming (Feat. Mercedes Martinez)
9. The Dark (Trinity) (Feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn)
10. The Unraveling (Feat. Raheem DeVaughn)
11. Tomorrow (Feat. Raheem DeVaughn)

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