50 Cent Brings Out Trey Songz At Stone Soul 2014 Festival


Expect 50 to make a lot of rounds around the country and overseas this year because the boy is hungry. Before he took the stage last night at Summer Jam 2014 and reunited G-Unit, he headlined Radio One Richmond’s Stone Soul 2014 Festival where he brought out Trey Songz as the special guest. Together, they performed ‘Smoke’ followed by Trigga staying to thrill the audience with ‘Na Na’.


  • B L A

    I was there ! It was a good show. It seems as if he forgot the 2nd verse (one of me faves) to In My Hood. But he killed it. He pretty much dissed Game, when how we do came on. He recited the the first 2 bars from Games verse, did a laugh and said “what the fuck nigga? Get that shit outta here” and then did Hate It Or Love It. He also said he wanted to fuck Keyshia Cole (who was there earlier)