T.I. Threatens Azealia Banks After She Dissed Him

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Well, Azealia Banks is known for beefing on social media and her latest rival is T.I. who is himself known for not backing down.


She went on Twitter earlier today and took shots at Tip and his new single ‘No Mediocre’ through a series of tweets. Here’s the text:

Men have such deluded ideas about what women should be doing. The nigga shouting bad bitches this bad bitches that, is almost always at home with some busted bumpkin. rap is not real. These niggas are all fronters. But your wife has meth face. And your wife can’t read. I saw you backstage at Kanye and you had nothing to say. I stood next to you ON PURPOSE. To see if you would say something. I’m taller than you in my heels.

Following this, T.I. went on Instagram and threatened Azealia with words like “I will end you”:

ti threatens azealia

And quick came the reply from Miss Banks:

Come see me nigga. And come by yourself. this grown ass man with kids went and cropped his favorite part of the atlantis video and really threatened to put hands on me LOL. niggas really do be hella pussy. u went to jail a million times for guns and drugs and are gonna turn around and threaten some girl. yea i shouldn’t of said it, BUT SO WHAT, IT WAS FUNNY, really had to take it to threats? This is not a good look for you black man, it really isn’t. you’ve already been to jail for drugs and guns, your wife can’t read… can you be more of a statistic? You see what i mean when i say hip-hop is a minstrel show?

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