Exclusive: Nitti Talks Producing Rich Homie Quan’s ‘Flex’ & Upcoming Projects

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Nitti is definitely one of the most underrated producers from the South. He’s isn’t talked about much in the game. In fact, his producer tag — “It’s a Nitti Beat!” might be more popular than he is.


But the producer, whose real name is Chadron Moore, has been around since 2000, although his first hit, Yung Joc’s ‘It’s Going Down’ came in 2006. The song immediately put Nitti on the national map, helping him score placements with some of the biggest artists of that era including Gucci Mane, R.Kelly, Plies, T.I., Jeezy and of course a label deal with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Records.

He’s back buzzing now, thanks to his production work on Rich Homie Quan’s single ‘Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)’ which recently hit number 1 on Urban radio making Quan the first independent artist to achieve the feat since 2006.

We spoke to Nitti about background story behind ‘Flex’, his upcoming placements & projects, his label Playmaker Music, and more.

Thanks for taking out the time to chat with us and congratulations on scoring a huge hit with Rich Homie Quan’s ‘Flex’.

Thanks man, it’s a blessing.

How did the song come about? Did you record it in the studio with Rich Homie?

I worked on that beat with DJ Spinz and we recorded it for a mixtape. We finished it and sent it to Quan, we wanted him to feature on the record. But when he sent it back to us after recording two verses and the hook on it, we were like ‘you know what, we gotta give this to him and let it be his record’. The rest is history. It was crazy after that. It actually got leaked and just took off. Within a week, it had about a million plays on Soundcloud. When everyone saw the reaction, Spinz’ team, my team, his team, we all came to terms and decided to put it out officially.

Do you have more songs with Rich Homie on his upcoming album?

Well, right now, we just have this record. It’s still a new relationship and friendship and you never know, we might end up doing more stuff together but right now, we’re just enjoying this moment together and being thankful to God.

You’ve produced a lot of songs in the past few years but ‘Flex’ is definitely your biggest hit since Yung Joc’s ‘It’s Goin’ Down’. How difficult is it to stay patient in this game?

Oh man, that’s part of the whole game. A very important one. I’ve been producing for a while now and been in a lot of situations in terms of deals. The biggest record I produced, Yung Joc’s ‘It’s Goin’ Down’ didn’t come until 2006 but I started producing in 2001. It went to number 1 for 8 weeks and this Quan record is definitely my biggest hit since then. I’ve been patient and it’s paid off.

What are you planning next for your label Playmaker Music?

I’ve got a few new artists I’m working with right now. One is out of Alabama named Boonie and I have another artist from Atlanta, his name is Meechie Ro.

And you had a distribution deal with Warner for your Playmaker Music label right?

Yes, I still have that and a few other deals in place. It’s all about timing and I’m one of those producers who wants to work consistently and not bilndly sign with major labels.

You mostly produce for Southern artists. Do you plan to change that trend?

Yeah, most definitely. I would work with all artists, doesn’t matter if they’re East Coast, West Coast, Rap, R&B, Pop, Trap. I’ve always been the type of producer to work with all kinds of artists, who ever it is. John Mayer is a close friend of mine. I’m always open and there’s definitely some new stuff I’m working on right now which will broaden my sound and raise some eyes.

What kind of placements can we look forward to in the near future?

I’ve on something with Boosie and Webbie with Spinz which is crazy. I can’t really announce the title but it’s about to hit anytime. I’ve been just trying to bring back the club sound that music is missing. What I have noticed is that most of the stuff I’ve been hearing for past 5-6 years is dark and not so much the fun and party vibe that I’m known to produce. That’s what we did with this Rich Homie record. Once he laid the vocals, me and Spinz did some work to make it sound fun and ready to tear the clubs. Music has a lot of infleunce on lives and there’s a lot of sad stuff going in the world. We want to bring some happiness and fun back in lives of people. I also have my own single coming out soon that will feature some big artists. I can’t reveal all but I can tell it will have Juicy J on it. I will have some fun with music now. I’ve never put out an official record with video and all so I want to try that out to see where it goes. I see this as an opportunity to remind people that good music comes out of Atlanta to keep that love and respect coming for us.

One last question and this is something we ask everyone we interview here at Hip Hop N More: Prince or Michael Jackson and why?

Oh man! Michael Jackson. Honestly man, he’s my daddy, he raised me. I grew up listening to his music.

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