[Saturday Spotlight] SoLoW RedLine + Kru172

After a four week break, we’re happy to bring back our Saturday Spotlight series for the masses. In 2017, we’re going to mix it up a little with our picks out of the dozens of submissions we receive every week.


It’s no secret that it is a difficult job going through so much music every week just to post a couple as part of our series but we promise that we’re trying our best. Today, we have a Chicago emcee named SoLoW RedLine and a Punjabi Rap duo all the way from India, Kru172. Yes, we’re officially going international with our Saturday Spotlight series.

SoLoW RedLine

SoLoW RedLine is an upcoming emcee from Chicago who gets his name from going viral in the local scene from rapping on Chicago’s Transit system. After years of grind, he has released his debut mixtape Freedom Papers which you can grab in full here. Below is the video for a standout from the project, ‘Get It’.


Kru172 is an Asian duo from Chandigarh, India who rap in their native language, Punjabi. They write, produce and perform all their music themselves. Even after years of recording music and getting co-signs from the biggest artists in Asia, the two brothers have remained independent, going to the extent of directing their music videos themselves. Yesterday, they released their brand new single ‘Nach Lai’ which received its premiere on the BBC Asian Network in the UK. Even if you don’t understand the language, it’s hard to resist the infectious tune. Take a look below.

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