New Music: John Legend – ‘In America’

John Legend has been pretty vocal about his thoughts on Trump’s presidency in the United States. Today, he has joined forces with producer and songwriter Dave Tozer for a new song titled ‘In America’ which voices those opinions in an artistic way.


The heartfelt song has larger than life production which definitely hits the right notes with the listener. “In America, in America/ I still can’t breathe in America,” Legend sings, maybe in reference to the tragic death of Eric Garner. “Watch them squeezing my neck/ Watch them bullets connect/ We still gonna fight in America.”

Tozer spoke about the song’s idea in a statement: “When John and I were writing ‘In America,’ we wanted to give voice to the frustration that some people have been feeling in recent times. To channel the experiences of people who feel targeted for who they are and those forced to work long hours just to keep their families afloat, and show that as a country we sometimes struggle to live up to the promise of the American dream. But we also wanted it to be hopeful, and show the optimism that leads people to pursue that dream.”

‘In America’ is featured on the Season Two premiere of WGN America’s pre-Civil War series, Underground.

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