[Saturday Spotlight] Pavy, Shle Berry, & Samuel David

I turned 30 yesterday. When I was younger I used to think to myself, ‘I can’t wait to get older so I can sleep in until noon on Saturday all the time’. Once you get a regular job and get older, your body doesn’t cooperate with you that often when you want to sleep in. So here I am, 9am EDT on a Saturday, putting in work. That’s fine with me though because these artists have made my listening experience worth it this week and I’m excited to share their stories with you. Think you have what it takes to make the Saturday Spotlight section of our esteemed site? Find our submission guidelines here.




Pavy is an amazing storyteller on wax. The Chicago native, currently residing in LA, also has a knack for making the most creative videos you’ll see from an indie artist. I watched his video for “Alcoholic” this week and loved the subtle hints at how Pavy was handling alcoholism throughout this video. It’s also proof that you can make a catchy song and still have substance inside of it.



Shle Berry

When you’re falling in love you begin to notice the small things about a person. These include everything from their laugh to the color of their eyes. Milwaukee’s Shle Berry gives us a catchy record about the bluest of blue eyes on the girl that she’s falling for at the moment. Produced by Mantra, Berry crafts this one with radio airplay ambitions with it’s catchy bounce and melodic lyrics.



Samuel David

Kansas is an interesting hip-hop scene because you don’t hear about many artists from that area not named XV. Samuel David is looking to change that and “Finesse” is a great starting point. I love the video of him hanging out with kids from his neighborhood and exploring the area to “do what they want” like the great American poet Lil Uzi Vert has suggested in his sonnets. “Finesse” is laid back and is the perfect introduction to Big Sam’s music.


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