Bryson Tiller ‘True To Self’ & Lil Yachty ‘Teenage Emotions’ First Week Sales

UPDATE: The final numbers are in. Bryson Tiller’s True To Self sold 116,471 first week with 47,209 of those being pure sales. Lil Yachty comes in at 43,755 with streams with 18,000 being pure sales.


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Traditionally when artists release their albums earlier than expected, sales can be affected and we saw an example of this most recently when Wale pushed his SHINE release date forward and suffered partly because of it. On Friday Bryson Tiller released his album almost a full month earlier than expected and many speculated that his sales could be a little lower than they should be. We now have the projections in.

True To Self is projected to sell 110k130k first week including streaming with 40k50k of those being pure sales. This is about double his last project TRAPSOUL which sold about 22k first week and so a healthy increase. You can support the R&B star by picking up the LP here.

Just behind him is Lil Yachty with his debut album Teeage Emotions. That’s set to sell 55k60k sales plus streaming and 19k22k pure sales.

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