Logic Says His Next Album Will Be His Last

Logic’s third studio album Everybody is in stores now, which is accompanied by a documentary of the same name. It shows behind the scenes of making of Logic’s latest project.


On the last song of the album, the rapper hints at his next album being the last one. Now in an interview with Genius, he has confirmed the same. “If they’re putting the next one, it must live in that Incredible True Story universe, and it’s going to be a story to end all stories — including my own. And then I’m going to go f*cking act and get this money. I’m going to be a husband, take care of my little puppies and have some f*cking kids and just enjoy life. F*ck that!”

Logic draws parallels with Jerry Seinfeld in the sense that he wants to leave the game at the peak after he’s achieved everything. He does make it clear that this won’t mean he will not be making music at well but as far as albums are concerned, it will be his last. Watch Logic speak on it below.

UPDATE: Logic has revealed the title of the album through a hidden message in the Everybody album booklet.

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