Watch the Video for Jay Sean’s New Single ‘Do You Love Me’

Jay Sean returns with a brand new single ‘Do You Love Me’. A year ago, he released the Sean Paul-assisted song ‘Make My Love Go‘ which didn’t perform well in the U.S. but did pretty well internationally.


On the follow up ‘Do You Love Me’, he uses a vocal sample as part of the hook, something which has become a standard in the Pop music industry today. Stream it below.

UPDATE: Almost two months later, Jay Sean has released the music video for the catchy song. It explores the modern day addition of folks with social media. Says Sean:

“This video is very different from all of my others. I wanted to create a conversation about our growing obsession with social media and how it takes over everything in our lives. This story is about a girl who can’t get past her own phone even in the middle of a lit party. The love affair is with herself…reflected by the phone and all the social media platforms she uses every day.”

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