[Saturday Spotlight] KMPNY, Eli, & Cameron Butler

Twitter had a popular discussion this week and I wanted to shed some more light on it with this post. The ‘are blogs dead’ conversation came up and it triggered some insight from industry professionals on my timeline. To sum it up for you, many artists don’t feel like they need exposure from sites. This is fine because there are more ways to win than what everyone else is seen doing for their career. I’m blessed to say that my inbox remains full with artists wanting a shot to be heard and believe in the platforms that I represent. To those artists who are looking for placements, thank you. You give me something to look forward to each week and I truly appreciate it. If you feel your music should make Saturday Spotlight, please follow our submission guidelines here.




Not much is known about the vocal/production duo known as KMPNY but one thing is certain: they have a dark, melodic vibe for their music. ‘On Road’ features Atlanta’s 24Hrs and includes a catchy hook with production that is sure to rattle your headphones or car speakers.




Infusing neo-soul with contemporary sounds, California’s Eli is an artist to keep on your radar. His vocals aren’t overpowering on ‘Games’ but his flow and aura are on full display. He blends the popular hook from Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ for his own but instead of a sample he’s the one singing it. This record is for those in relationships that are struggling with the games being played.



Cameron Butler

Cameron Butler is a 20 year old who does it all. ‘Mistfit’ was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by the North Carolina rising star. This record sees Butler showing off his craft as his beat switches sound amazing and his subject matter deals with being an outcast compared to his peers. I’ve followed Butler’s music for a few years and this is the start of him hitting a creative output that won’t be matched by many artists.


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