[Saturday Spotlight] LaTruth, Breeze Mantana, & Caleb Brown



It’s now the time of year where we’re going to be receiving a lot of hot songs for the summer. Memorial Day weekend is the official kickoff to summer so artists have been gearing up to release their hottest records for us to enjoy on the way to the beach or at a BBQ. As fans we always look for the “summer anthem” to come but what if those summer anthems were created by indie artists you haven’t heard about just yet? Let’s dive into this week’s selections. Feel like you have the next summer anthem? Here’s how you can submit your music for Saturday Spotlight here.



One of the subjects I see artists talk about the most is receiving respect for their music. It’s a tough task being an indie and being humble when you feel your music is better than most mainstream music today. North Carolina’s LaTruth has the perfect song, titled ‘Don’t Disrespect’, that features Snoop Dogg on the hook and a verse from KZ. ‘Don’t Disrespect’ is a gritty street track that doesn’t hold back in production or lyrical content.


Breeze Mantana


New York is getting back to the gritty style they used to be known thanks to artists like Breeze Mantana. The Mount Vernon, NY MC has no clue what the ladies or the system are going to do with him and featured artists Qu’ality and Kadeem King. Warning: there’s a lot of money being being thrown around in this one.


Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown has a hit on his hands with ‘Ghetto Religion’. The Baton Rouge, LA 18 year old showcases a flow and song making ability that his peers can only hope to attain one day. Produced by Wheezy this track is a look into Caleb’s short life and what has influenced him as a teenager. You’ll be pulled in by the trap production but once you hear his lyrics you’ll understand this teen trying to make a difference for others.

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