[Saturday Spotlight] storie, XAVIER, & Rome Castille

Finding the right words to say about music you’ve just discovered is a hard process. If you’re only using 140 characters you can say things like “dope” or “flame emoji”. When you have a bigger space it becomes more difficult. You’re staring at a blank screen with a cursor blinking at you, taunting you to mess up so it can go back and forth hundreds of times. Not this week, Satan. These three artists I’m putting you on created music so great that the words poured out like water from a broke fire hydrant. Think you’ve made some music that will give me this same feeling? We’re open for submissions here.



One of my favorite things about discovering The Weeknd a few years back was the anonymity of his character. Storie is following in these footsteps out of Washington D.C. The singer has released two songs, one with an uptempo and funky vibe titled ‘Playing Games’ and a slower ballad type titled ‘Searchin’. Both are excellent records and prove that he is an artist to keep an eye on for the future.



I was impressed not only with XAVIER’s song but the fact that he’s 19 making music like this. ‘Good Life’ is a record that requires you to celebrate some of your success from this week with it’s fast paced tempo (produced by LeeOnTheBeats). The Brooklyn, NY native mixes melody and a fast cadence to get you pumped to celebrate your good fortune anytime you play this song.



Rome Castille

Since it’s Saturday, what would the day be without a track to dance to for the weekend? Meet Rome Castille, coming to us from South Central Los Angeles. ‘Grab Sumptin’ is an audio story with Rome seeing a lady he likes and not hesitating until they leave the club to make his move. The beat is infectious as Rome glides across it smoother than Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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