[Saturday Spotlight] Connor Evans, BUDDAH ABUSAH, & Pope Adrian Bless

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Connor Evans

You know instantly when a song has “song of the summer” potential within a few seconds of pressing play. For Connor Evans, ‘Amercian Bandstand’ could be that for him. The Virgin Islands based artist mixes clever wordplay with a fast paced flow over contemporary production from The Cratez (Credits: Bryson Tiller, Joyner Lucas, & Kevin Gates). The chorus is catchy which is a good sign of a song having potential to be your favorite for the summer. Turn it up while you’re heading to the party or BBQ and see what I mean.




What does it mean to be a hippie in 2017? The definition has changed a lot since my parents were my age but the vibe remains the same. For Hamilton, Ontario, Canada’s BUDDAH ABUSAH he conveys his idea of being a “modern day hippie” in the form of his new ‘Green Grass’ music video. BUDDAH gives off mellow vibes throughout the record while flowing easily through the Donato Beats produced cut. If you like what you hear with the video below then you can grab his EP on iTunes here.



Pope Adrian Bless

If you follow my site at all, you know that I’m a big Pope Adrian Bless fan. I believe he’s one of the best independent artists out right now, one that you just haven’t gotten familiar with yet. That changes thanks to his ‘Celebrate’ single this week. Backed by what I refer to as “trap-pop” from producer Wildstyle, Pope uses the beat as his canvas as he paints what it’s like to come from the bottom to the top and feel alone in the process.



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