[Saturday Spotlight] Rook, Pat Ambrosio, & Deezy Da Duce

To me, there is nothing better in music than discovering a new artist for the first time. The emotion you feel when their song connects with you is outstanding. It takes me back to when I was first discovering Hip-Hop; I get the same feelings I had when I first heard Three-6 Mafia and JAY Z in middle school (my story with discovering Hip-Hop is weird and too long for this post). Discovering an artist that has potential is amazing. You want to learn about them, find their discography, study them, and support them. I hope that Saturday Spotlight is your music discovery platform and that I’m doing a good job of putting you on to some talented artists to give you this same feeling. Think you have what it takes to be selected? You can submit your music here.




Rook has an interesting backstory of how he became an artist. The Connecticut bred newcomer has been a video director and helped bring ideas to life for the likes of Styles P, Curren$y, and more. He decided to step out from behind the lens and create music, giving us the excellent ‘Chillin’ single featuring Tre. The song is laid back, fitting the title, as Rook puts his deep thoughts into the atmosphere over the smooth production from Doc Strange.



Pat Ambrosio

You’ll hear me talk about artists being more creative in their videos a lot. I want to see the music video make a strong comeback because I grew up spending countless hours watching my favorite songs as a teenager. New York’s Pat Ambrosio hasn’t been making music very long but the quality put into his ‘MARIA’ single and video is outstanding for a new artist. Featuring Roy The Savage and Chino, Pat tells the story of how one lady can change your entire world, showing the stages of happiness and grief during the eight minute visual.



Deezy Da Duce

Most artists aren’t willing to stay focused and determined to successfully achieve their dream of stardom. Beaumont, TX’s Deezy Da Duce is ready for the money by any means in the latest video for ‘Focused’. This is the fourth video from his 2016 Who Better? release and proves that patience will pay off. It’s either that or Deezy is ready with the tools to change his financial outlook, as shown towards the end of the video.

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