Amber Rose Says Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Wasn’t Just About Her

Amber Rose was almost an unknown person to the world when Kanye West starting dating her around 2008. Two years later, the two broke up when Kanye was in the middle of recording his critically acclaimed album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Many songs on the album, most notably ‘The Blame Game’ had content referencing to their relationship.


Amber was strong enough to withstand all the trolling on the internet and came up on her own without capitalizing on fame as “Kanye’s ex.” “I’ve been slut-shamed by both of my exes, you know?” she told GQ in their Nov. 205 issue that she’ll “never, ever, ever” listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which he made while they were together. “It’s just not for me,“ she told the magazine. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ll hear songs and I’m like, ‘Oh, he said that about me.’ No one knows what he’s talking about but me and him. People can’t decipher. They’ll be like, ‘That’s a cool song,’ and I’m like, ‘That happened to us when we were together.’”

Amber was a guest on Complex’s Everyday Struggle show recently where she opened up about Kanye and some of the lyrics on the album. In a rare conversation, Amber said that some of ‘Ye’s words on the album were no way connected to her so she believes he was definitely talking about some other women apart from her as well. Watch her speak on the matter at the 43 minute mark in the video below.

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