[Saturday Spotlight] Dalona, Myze, & Preach407

Music discovery is so important for the future generations of Hip-Hop. Finding your favorite artist is an amazing feeling. I remember when I first discovered Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, and Dom Kennedy right when I was graduating college. Hearing their music takes me back to those days where my dreams were different and I had all the ambition in the world to leave my hometown. When you find a new artist I hope you get that same feeling so you can reminisce about what their music did for you later in life. This week I have three new artists that I feel will give you that feeling at some point in your life. Think your music can do that for another human? Submit for our Saturday Spotlight series here.



When it comes to music from Sweden I can say that I never expected a Hip-Hop artist to come from that country. Meet Dalona, a talented artist who is hoping to become a breakout star. ‘Lovely’ is a hazy trip into the mind of Dalona as he experiments with melodies and depicts his city of Malmoe as a dark, gang-ridden city.



Going away for a year as an indie artist can hurt any momentum you’ve built up to this point. On the other hand, it gives you time to master your craft and create a strategy to come back swinging. Chattanooga, TN’s Myze took a year off and returns with his new self-produced ‘Cool Wit It’. This record speaks to anyone who doubted the rising artist during his time away. Essentially this is the song that Batman should have played on his way back to Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises.




When I first listened to ‘Trap N***a’ I couldn’t pinpoint the artist that Preach407 reminded me of. Then I listened a few more times and it hit me: this guy sounds like Jeezy. Aside from the concept of the song, Preach407’s delivery is on point and fits perfect into the production of this record. ‘Trap N***a’ features KT and is something I can hear riding around rattling the trunks of Hip-Hop fans here in Orlando, FL.


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