[Saturday Spotlight] Juice Elliott, Tim Stacks, & D. Focis

Music discovery is important when it comes to finding the next generation of Hip-Hop. We’re heading into a new era of the genre, where artists like Drake, Wale, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar are all considered veterans. There’s no doubt the next generation will create stars like these artists but it starts with finding and supporting these artists in their infancy. Do you think you’re the next big star to run with the torch for the upcoming generation? Send us your music here.



Juice Elliott

Family is everything. I was taught this by all of my older relatives as a kid and it’s something they instill in my little cousins to this day. Philadelphia artist Juice Elliott shares this sentiment with the smooth ‘Abuela’ single. The BeatsByEmani produced cut is dedicated to his mom and grandmother as he recollects a time when they were the only people who were there for him.



Tim Stacks

Charlotte, NC’s Tim Stacks, no newbie to our series, returns with a catchy new record that will be added to your party playlist in no time. ‘Still Here’ is a record that Stacks dropped to make sure people remembered what he’s capable of doing on the mic. Produced by Cashmere Brown, this record is fun and will get the fans talking for Tim’s upcoming EP that’s dropping at the end of the year.



D. Focis

I remember covering D. Focis for my own indie site a couple of years back. His lyrics impressed me and he was one of the few artists from Detroit that proved they had skills. He’s currently working on his “Legacy Series” of projects, the latest installment coming with beats from the legendary 9th Wonder. Mixing his awesome lyricism with the soulful boom-bap of 9th, D Focis is beginning to make a mark on the indie scene.


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