[Saturday Spotlight] KAYNIAN, David Versis, & Def Soulja

The music scene has been quiet lately which can be a good thing. With so many artists trying to release projects before summer so they can have the “summer anthem” it can become tedious trying to sift through all of the music at once. Weeks like the past two where there haven’t been many major releases are always a relief and have helped me catch up on all of your submissions. Think you have what it takes to wow us here at HHNM? Submit your latest releases single or video here.



There comes a point in time where an artist has to make a decision; do I stay where I’m at or do I try for more? DC artist Kaynian chose to bet on himself and move out to LA recently. ‘Where I Come 4rm’ is a mellow explanation of where he comes from and what happens in his neck of the woods. “I got war wounds on my eye, I got 9 lives in this b***h’ he begins his second verse, showing that he’s been through it all. This is an artist/producer you want to get familiar with right now.



David Versis

One thing you should know about me: I LOVE 80’s pop music. When I hear a song that remotely sounds like that era I will give it a listen because of how much 80’s music I listened to with my mom as a kid. Canada’s David Versis caught my ear with his new ‘Touch Yourself’ single that he helped co-produce with Mikhail. This song is made for the ladies with how smooth and elegant it sounds.



Def Soulja & Joon Jukx

Def Soulja and Joon Jukx are solo artists that represent New York (Def is from the Bronx). I loved the mellow and gritty sound to their “Mobb Deep” record that was released coincidentally at the same time as Prodigy’s death a few weeks back. They pay tribute to the M-O-BB on this one, produced by bsd.u, as they show they’re not afraid to go to war if disrespected.


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