[Saturday Spotlight] Nique, Izzy Purp, & Masta Thom

Yesterday was a magnificent day for Hip-Hop. Shawn Carter blessed us with his most personal project to date, sparking plenty of discussions for months and years to come with 4:44. I won’t lie and say I didn’t spend all day playing the album on repeat (part of it was for my review, part of it because it’s excellent). One thing I want to happen because of this album is artist inspiration. I hope indie artists hear it and begin taking the steps to create music that makes an impact or makes you feel something. I think I’ve found a few artists who evoke emotions in their music this week and I’m excited to share them with you below. Think you make this type of music? Send it to us here.




Being a young black man in America is one of the hardest things to be. The odds are stacked against you from the moment you’re born (maybe even conceived) and it’s a long road for equality for many. Aurora, IL’s Nique is fully aware of this with ’25 To Life’. This record, produced by John Savage, is Nique’s story of what it’s like to have people doubt you based on the color of your skin. It should serve as a wake up call for anyone who thinks that white privilege doesn’t exist.



Izzy Purp

We all know the Atlanta scene is the most successful in music at the moment. Izzy Purp adds to that list of artists looking to become major from the ATL. ‘N.B.A. (No Blacks Allowed)’ is Purp’s take on race in America as he kicks game over the infectious trap production. He plays into the NBA theme on the chorus by adding in past & present players as well.



Masta Thom

Orlando, FL isn’t known for it’s music scene but that’s going to change in the next few years with artists like Masta Thom and directors like Brill Adium. The two come together for a mini-movie on Thom’s ‘Warmhouse’ single, a story about revenge and being setup. The video leaves you wanting more as Thom goes through and gets his payback on those who have left him for dead.


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