Starlito Gets Into Scuffle with Young Buck; Releases Diss Track

Things seem to have gone wrong between Starlito and Young Buck. The two Nashville, Tennessee artists reportedly got into a scuffle backstage at a basketball game on Sunday (July 30). Two videos showing Buck almost choking and slamming Starlito have surfaced online. Watch them below.


Details regarding what caused the problems are sketchy at the moment but it looks like it was something that Lito was running around town saying to people that Buck did not appreciate. Lito, who dropped his Hot Chicken album earlier this month, reportedly called Buck a “f*ggot.” The rapper even released a diss song called ‘You Should Be Proud’ where he takes shots at the G-Unit rapper. “Nobody ever did it bigger for the Ville then Buck, But I’m realer and I really don’t even give a f*ck,” Lito spits on the song.

The diss song was released shortly after the footage came out so in mostly likelihood, Starlito dropped the song after the confrontation. You can stream it below.

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