Listen to Trick Daddy & Trina’s New Single ‘Smooth Sailing’

Back in March, Trick Daddy announced that he will joining forces with Trina, whom he discovered in late 90s, for a joint album Trick & Trina. “We bringing the city back. I just want this Trick & Trina record to be classic. I’m going to turn the Diamond Princess back to the Baddest Bitch,” said the “305 mayor”.


The dynamic duo has dropped the first official single tonight, ‘Smooth Sailing’ which also features fellow Miami artist/producer Ali Coyote doing the hook duties. The song sounds like a good balance of that classic Miami sound and the present day vibe which young people seem to be consuming. Trick and Trina’s debut album as a duo will be released through their original label Slip N’ Slide Records, in partnership with Atlantic Records. Can they make an impact in 2017? Listen to ‘Smooth Sailing’ on Apple Music or YouTube now.

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