Listen to Canadian Rapper Cadence Weapon’s Hot New Single ‘Don’t Talk To Me’

Cadence Weapon isn’t a new rapper by any standards but you may not have heard his name before and that’s OK. Cadence is from Alberta, Canada who released his debut indie album Breaking Kayfabe back in 2005. Son of a DJ at a local radio station, he’s always been into making music and doing radio.


After taking a few years’ hiatus, Cadence is back to recording music professionally. In May, he teamed up with Kaytranada for ‘My Crew (Wooo)‘ and now he follows it up with a new single ‘Don’t Talk To Me’. Yeah, he’s sick of you phoney folks but he’s communicating it via a really hot song. The track is produced by FrancisGotHeat, who was responsible for Sampha’s ‘4422’ from Drake’s More Life project.

“The song is inspired by my experiences navigating the rap scene over the years,” Cadence said about the song. “Since my last album, I’ve matured a lot, refined my music and surrounded myself with people who have my best interests in mind. It’s about refocusing my energy and flipping the script to the next page of my career. There’s a restorative element to this song. ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ means ‘don’t talk to me unless it’s something productive.’ That’s all I care about.”

Stream ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ below.

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