[Saturday Spotlight] Dyna Edyne, TtheGAWD, & SIDIZEN KING

The creativity in Hip-Hop is abundant right now. There have been some great marketing campaigns for albums, big and small, that have really tapped into another element in terms of having the music heard. It also helps that the music over the chorus of this year has been nothing less than amazing. Back this week with three more amazing and creative records for our Saturday Spotlight series! Think you have the next creative video for us? Submit here.


Dyna Edyne

Mixing Hip-Hop with neo-soul, Miami’s Dyna Edyne is an artist you need to keep your eye on. Her latest EP release, Branches, has created plenty of opportunities for her to showcase her talent. ‘F.L.Y’ is awesome as a record, with its mellow production and Dyna’s soothing voice, and features some of her supporters along with many of Miami’s tastemakers.



Chicago continues to be a bright spot in the indie Hip-Hop scene. TtheGAWD is the latest to shine from the Windy City with his ‘F.A.N.s’ record. The J. Cardenas produced track has T dealing with fake people in his life while doing what he has to in order to “boss up” and reach the opportunity that he’s been seeking for quite some time.



SIDIZEN KING is a L.A based artist who likes to do Electro-Hop music. He recently released a new single titled ‘Stuck In The Middle’ which got decent traction on Spotify. The track is sort of a social commentary on our generation’s commitment-averse dating culture. Sidizen describes the video as “an abstract extension of the song, depicting consequences that can come with being non commital, rather than a visual transcript of the lyrics.”

Parts of the video were shot with a VHS camcorder while the actors in it were unknown persons he reached out to on Instagram. This is very well done.

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