[Saturday Spotlight] Jibba The Gent, Young Fresh, & Jak Knight

The pursuit of your passion is a long and endless road. Something that you’ve loved doing as a kid can turn into something you get paid to do every day. The key to making this happen is patience. When I’m going through submissions I see a lot of artists who have taken their time in crafting their music because they want their quality to stand out among the hundreds of artists that are vying for this post every week. On the opposite side there are the new artists who don’t understand that creating music is more than plugging a mic into a computer and spitting something they wrote down an hour ago. Think you’re making quality music to be showcased with our weekly series? Submit your music here.



Jibba The Gent

What do we recognize Vermont for in pop culture? Not much, outside of a Cheerios commercial with a cute little girl naming the capital almost two decades ago. Jibba The Gent brings some friends along for his ‘Maple Syrup’ video as they tell us more about the landscape of the Hip-Hop scene in one of the country’s smallest states. As you can assume, there are haters just like everywhere but it’s the video, shot in a diner, that makes this song stand out for Jibba and his crew.


Young Fresh

I’m usually not a fan of the typical “ladies song” from artists because they come off way too commercial. Columbia, SC’s Young Fresh is an exception as the video is cool and the song, ‘Netflix & Chill’ is topical. Produced by The Block Symphony and featuring Steve Roxx on the chorus, this record is slow and will be a good add to your intimate playlists to get things started.



Jak Knight

I always appreciate when an artist shows off their past life or the places that made them the person they are today. North Carolina’s Jak Knight takes us back to where it all started while telling us about the journey to get to the point he is at now. It’s always great to hear of someone making out of their hometown that stifles them creatively and for Knight ‘Darrell Jr’ is his story.


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