Metropolis of Santorini Orders Investigation into Rick Ross’ Offensive Video Shoot Inside Church

Rick Ross is in hot water again. The Holy Metropolis of Thira, Amorgos & the Islands is not happy that the rapper shot a video inside a Church on the island of Santorini as it was done without permission.


In the music video for his song ‘Santorini Greece’, Rick Ross is performing the song in front of the the Holy Cross inside the church of St Eustratios Vourvoulos Thira which can not be done without permission from the concerned authorities. The video clip also has imagery of the Church and icons, and bikini-clad models on a yacht. It makes matters worse that the song contains explicit lyrics like “n*ggas”, “b*tches”, “f*ck” and more.

Another still from the music video

In a statement released to the media, the Holy Metropolis said “with sadness, we have been made aware that the interior of the Holy Temple of Saint Eustratios Vourvoulos Thira was used as a stage for the shooting of a video clip.” It adds that the video is “disgraceful” and confirmed that the filming took place without its knowledge and sanction. It has now ordered an inquiry to “verify the circumstances of the incident and who is responsible for defiling this sacred space.” The Mayor has also reportedly “condemned” the filming without permission.

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