Music Mafia Tease New Leaked Songs from Kanye West, Future, Migos & More

It’s becoming a norm at this point. Hacker group Music Mafia, notorious for leaking songs from top notch artists such as 50 Cent and Ne-Yo, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Kanye WestPARTYNEXTDOOR, Meek Mill, Justin Bieber, J. Cole, and more have raised a lot of questions about security surrounding recorded material in the industry.


After disrupting the environment with leaked songs from A list artists mentioned above, the anonymous crew are back today with a bunch of snippets. This time around, there’s a Kanye West teaser named ‘Southside Serenade’, a Future song called ‘Hate In Your Soul’, ‘Water’ by Migos, ‘Trick In Miami’ by Rae Sremmurd, a lost version of Young Thug’s ‘U Digg‘, Kehlani’s ‘Getting Old’ and a few more. All these songs are in their snippet form at the moment.

Just like the last few times, these songs are up for auction and whoever bids the highest will become the owner of the full version. If you notice, none of these songs have so far made it on to an official project so the guess is that majority of them are throwaways or songs that didn’t make the cut on the respective artists’ past albums. Very few artists have so far reacted to the leaks online which is surprising as well.

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