T-Pain Joins Forces with Dubset For Five New Songs

T-Pain is set to release his new album OBLiViON on November 17th after a wait of almost two years. But before that, he’s keeping his EDM fans busy with the release of 5 tracks today, which come through a collaboration with Dupset.


The hitmaker has allowed upcoming DJs, producers and mixers an opportunity to remix some of his unreleased a cappellas. He picked the best out of the bunch and released it on streaming platforms today. “When I heard about Dubset I thought it would be a great way to get some never released acapellas into the hands of some dope producers/remixers,” T-Pain told Billboard. “Dubset delivered records that I can’t wait for my fans to hear.”

“We believe deeply in the talent of the DJs and producers that we work with every day at Dubset, so it’s an honor to be able to offer them the opportunity to collaborate with a star at the level of T-Pain,” said Liz Miller, vice president of talent at Dubset. Check out the track list and stream the songs below via Spotify. Click here if you prefer Apple Music.

1. In The Air – Crankdat feat. T-Pain
2. In The Air – Trouze feat. T-Pain
3. In The Air – Bad Royale & KillaGraham feat. T-Pain
4. Do Wrong – UZ feat. T-Pain
5. Do Wrong – Bad Royale feat. T-Pain

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