Eminem Personally Phoned Fan Who First Decoded the ‘Revival’ Ads

By now, it’s pretty clear that Eminem’s forthcoming album is titled Revival, although the release date is still a mystery. Some fans who were hoping that that album will come out soon after his Saturday Night Live performance, were left pretty disappointed.


If you remember, Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg was the one who first hinted at the album, posting a picture on Instagram promoting Yelawolf’s latest album Trial By Fire. Super smart fans noticed the billboard on building in the background had a backwards ‘E’— a sure mark of Eminem. Further research proved that the fake drug ads were issued by Interscope Records.

But not many noticed that the first Revival ad actually aired during an SNL episode on October 14th. Virtually no one was able to guess it back then — except for one female fan. Tara was spot on with her calculations but since she didn’t have that big a following on Twitter, not many paid attention. It was only after Paul dropped the big hint that Em’s publicist Dennis Dennehy reached out to her on Twitter.

Fast forward to last week. Eminem made the effort and surprised Tara by calling her on the phone to reward her for being the first to decode the “Revival” ad. She shared the experience of her phone call with Marshal on Twitter, saying that it was a short conversation and she was “nervous AF.” We don’t blame her.

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