Eminem Talks ‘Walk On Water’, Frustration With Music & More

Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell have released the first episode of their new podcast Broken Record today. If you haven’t heard by now, Eminem’s new single ‘Walk On Water‘ featuring Beyonce is out now and is produced by Rick Rubin and co-produced by Skylar Grey. Naturally, the topic of conversation was the single and they had Em on as a guest too.


He talked about being frustrated with his career because of different people criticising him in different ways, how he approaches an instrumental, being inspired by LL Cool J, what he was like before he rapped, how he got Beyonce on the record and more. It’s actually refreshing to hear that some of these points have made it to Em’s ear and he’s listened. Revival could be his most special project in a while. Listen to it in full below.

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