G-Eazy Releases New Version of His Hit ‘No Limit’ Feat. Second Verse

G-Eazy’s single ‘No Limit’ is everywhere by now — on the radio, at people’s house parties and in the clubs. The song, which has reached a peak position of number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, serves as the lead single off his forthcoming album The Beautiful & Damned that hits stores December 15th. It will be a double album.


The song originally featured just one verse from G-Eazy while the second was from Cardi B and hook handled by ASAP Rocky. But a few hours ago, fans checking the song out on streaming platforms started noticing that the track now had an additional verse from Eazy at the end. Apparently, this version appeared on streaming services for a brief period earlier as well but was taken down immediately.

You can now stream the song with the additional G-Eazy verse on Apple Music and Spotify. G-Eazy also offered an explanation of his new verse on Genius, revealing that they initially uploaded the version with the second verse by mistake. Labels uploading a wrong file in 2017? Wow!

“They stopped it, like, the next day I think. But I was like, “Y’all got me f*cked up. I sent three verses. Let me rap!” I’m gonna put it on the album,” explained the Bay Area rapper. “The mysterious urban myth of the third verse of ‘No Limit.’ It was supposed to be an album exclusive, then uploaded the wrong file and they replaced the file. The legend of the third verse. You’ll get it one day,” he continued. Well, the full version is now out finally.

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