Logic Thanks Drake For “Paving the Way” For Rappers Like Him

Logic and Drake seem to be mutual fans of each other. In a new interview with Montreality, Logic first challenges the Toronto rapper for a Mario Kart game and then praises him for paving the way for artists like him.


“If Drake was watching this video right now? I just wanna say ‘thank you man’,” said the Platinum selling rapper. “So many rappers out here.. I wanna be real, they wanna act however, act cool this and that and use somebody just to get over but you’ve been really nice to me so far. I just appreciate the love so I wanna thank you for paving the way for me and now I’m paving the way for youngins under me,” continued Logic.

“Your music has taught me so much. When I thought I just wanna be this rapper rapping all the time, you said ‘nah you can rap, you can spit those bars, and you can sing, and you can be yourself’. So honestly I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the chance to say this dude, if you see this Drake, thank you for paving the way for me to be the best me I can be. I appreciate that,” Logic openly declared to the camera.

In rest of the interview, he talked about friendship with touring partner Joey Badass, generational gap in Hip-Hop, his message to anyone who may be contemplating suicide and more.

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