U2 Release Full Version Of ‘XXX.’ Feature; Kendrick Appears On Intro — Listen

On December 1st, U2 will release a new album called Songs Of Experience. Earlier this month we heard a song from it called ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way‘ which featured Kendrick Lamar, likely as part of the swap made for their appearance on ‘XXX.’.


They have now released a new song from the forthcoming album called ‘American Soul’. You’ll notice just a few seconds in that Kendrick Lamar handles the intro on the song. But what’s even more interesting is that the first lines in the first verse of the song from U2 is the exact same as their ‘XXX.’ feature. The vocals for that collab were pulled from this, the original idea. Interesting. As you can imagine, it’s a different feel altogether but well worth checking out.

Listen to it below via Apple Music or TIDAL.

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