Cardi B & Offset Dismiss Cheating Rumors with Raunchy Instagram Live Session

Cardi B and Offset have been in the news all week, thanks to the scandal stories surrounding rumors of Offset allegedly cheating on his fiancée.


A video clip of a naked woman dancing in a hotel room surfaced on the internet a few days ago, which reportedly was made public after Offset’s iCloud account was hacked by somebody. The video is supposedly shot by the Migos rapper himself. Although there is no confirmation what date the video was shot on, it’s allegedly from September, when the two were dating. Offset proposed to Cardi in October.

Cardi herself has not been spared from the gossip either. A clip of her naked and dancing around has surfaced, which is supposedly from a sex tape that exists somewhere. In the video, the stripper turned rapper is laughing, twerking and bending over for the camera. Cardi was unfazed by all the talk on social media. She took to Twitter to remind people that she’s been a stripper all these years so there are numerous NSFW videos of her already on the internet.

The two also made it clear on Christmas night that they are completely un-bothered by all the rumors. The ‘Bartier Cardi‘ rapper went live on her Instagram and shot footage of Offset doing her from behind, for the world to see. But what looks like they are actually performing the act, is just dry humping. If you see the footage properly, you can tell that are fully clothed.

These two surely know how to get the people talking.

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