Swizz Beatz Announces New Album Title ‘Poison’

If you follow Swizz Beatz on social media, you know that he’s been working on new music. The super producer was supposed to release an album called Haute Living back in 2011 but scrapped it soon after. He had then altered his plans to release only singles as opposed to a full length album.


In the past few years Swizz has been busy with side projects related to art and education, and of course enjoying family life. But looks like he’s focusing on music again. Fresh off contributing two tracks to Jadakiss & Fabolous’ joint album Friday On Elm Street including the standout ‘Theme Music’, Swizz has revealed that his forthcoming album is titled Poison. It will be his second album and the first since 2010’s One Man Band Man.

Swizz revealed the info in an interview with Vibe in Miami while he’s there for his “No Commission” art show. “My mood is opposite from Harvard,” Swizz admits. “My mood is opposite from ‘No Commission.’ My mood is completely opposite from all of those things. I’m in a ‘put my hoodie on’ mood. I know I got a bright shirt on and I’m chilling outside but musically, my mood is bangers. The name of my album is called Poison. I’m giving people straight raw and uncut. I took all the commercial songs off my record, and I only left gutta on my record. I’m not doing a bunch of tracks. Just 10-12, straight to it.”

Swizz has been spotted in the studio with the likes of Chance The Rapper and J.Cole in recent weeks:

I told y'all I'm in Mode!!!!! Happy Monday ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️#albummode

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Swizz also addressed the delay behind the much awaited battle with Timbaland. He has pushed it back as Timbo is also working on his own new album. Swizz hints that they might just drop their albums on the same day.

“The Fab and Jada [“Theme Music”] joint was like a test. That’s just the warm-up. Even with the battle with me and Tim, we had to push that back to until the top of the year. I think we’re dropping our albums on the same day, so we’ll see. It’s all fun, though. It’ll be more celebration than a battle,” Swizz continued. “I just want to change that word around a little bit. So battle is like ‘kill each other,’ right? You know, but we’re really celebrating each other by even having the respect to do that. We’re going to treat it like a sport. Come in with your game face, I’ll come with my game face and [we’ll] do what we need to do. Tim is not an easy guy; he ain’t no pushover. I’m not an easy guy either so this is a good one. It’s for the culture anyway. At the end of the day, nobody loses because the culture wins.”

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