Migos Talk ‘CULTURE II’, Joe Budden & More On Beats 1 Radio

Migos are all set to release their new album CULTURE 2 in just over a week on the anniversary of the first one which was huge for them. For some promo they stopped by with Ebro at Beats 1 Radio to talk about a few things.


They talked about the forthcoming album, ‘Motorsport‘ and Cardi and Nicki not being in the same shot in the video, Joe Budden getting a new deal with Revolt, being nominated at the GRAMMYs, their songwriting and recording process and more. You can watch the interview in its entirety and catch some excerpts, below.

Ebro: One of the things I remember early on and I didn’t get it right away, when I first heard. It took me a second, it started when I heard “Versace” with the ad-libs and the pattern, I was like oh this is about rhythm of the pattern, this is about the ad-libs but its was reminding me of, what they used to call it? Doo wop? Like an actual singing group doing little parts and background just like Take 6 or something. Then when I heard “Fight Night” and that compared to the “Versace” record, I was like oh, these dudes got something.

Migos: The ad-libs gives that energy it completes the punch. You might not know what he saying on the line until the ad-libs come in. You be like, oh that’s what that means? And you’ve got real ad-lib fans. I be watching them at my shows. They aint even saying the verse, they waiting on the ad-lib. You got the ad-lib fans. You hit them with a bar, like “come through spraying bl-aw!” You might duck, Ebro. Like on “Slippery”, “Slash”, “Drip”, “Swerve”. That’s an ad-lib at the end. You’ve got the ad-lib fans that just love your ad-libs. It don’t even sound right without our ad-libs.

Ebro: Did you ever think Quavo you would be getting these type of phone calls to jump on these pop records. Was that ever even a part of your plan?

Quavo: That’s just my lifestyle. If I make music if I’m playing sports I just want to dig in super deep and to be a part of it. We’re just good with music period. We know how to make music—we know how to adjust the sound we know how to adjust the songs if a country singer wants me to feature I’m pulling up and doing the feature. Yeah we just like music.

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