Frank Ocean Sues ‘Blonde’ Producer Om’Mas Keith over Song Credits

Frank Ocean has sued producer Om’Mas Keith who worked on his Blonde album.


According to documents filed by Ocean, Keith was hired by the singer to produce master recordings for his album but he’s also trying to get credit for co-writing about 11 songs on the album, reports TMZ. According to the credits for the album received by us around the album’s release, Keith is in fact credited on 11 songs.

But Frank says he only hired him for one specific job and did not contribute to anything else on the songs like lyrics or melody. Keith getting credits on songwriters front will mean the royalties would have to be split accordingly. Keith has previously produced on Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne and Frank Ocean’s Channel ORANGE, among other projects.

Frank Ocean recently released a new song ‘Moon River‘. He also made available the physical copies of his Endless album back in November but fans have been complaining over lack of delivery of the items.

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