New Video: Bobby V – ‘Lil Bit’ (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Bobby V released his latest single ‘Lil Bit’ last month and immediately became one of our favorite songs of the moment. The sound is special because it’s produced by Tim Kelley of legendary duo Tim & Bob who are responsible for some of Bobby’s early hits.


Bobby V has released a luxurious video to support the Snoop Dogg-featured R&B banger but the rapper does not appear in it. The smooth ‘Lil Bit’ is the first single off the singer’s upcoming album Electrik which hits stores March 9th. Take a look at the artwork and track list below. You can grab an autographed copy here.

Track List:

1. Electrik (Intro)
2. Electrik
3. Thrilla
4. Lil’ Bit
5. Promise U
6. Save Us
7. Beautiful Life
8. Love Me Slow
9. Obsessed
10. Celebrate
11. Leggo
12. Triple Threat
13. Believe (Outro)

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