Watch Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Every year, the Super Bowl halftime shows seems to be talked about just as much as the actual game regardless of who performs. Justin Timberlake was assigned to that role for the first time ever earlier tonight which had some people excited but didn’t sit well with others due to the Janet Jackson controversy from 14 years ago.


As if that wasn’t enough, a day or two ago rumours hit the internet that Timberlake was planning a Prince hologram which split the fans once again. While the legend was alive, he and Justin Timberlake never got on and had a fairly public feud. Many took the rumour as disrespect until Prince’s longtime friend and drummer Sheila E. confirmed that it wasn’t true.

Moments ago the performance finished and either Sheila wasn’t in the loop, was being technical or was covering for Justin because the performance included not a hologram, but a projection of The Purple One which as you can imagine, already has people with mixed feelings.

Timberlake performed a medley of his greatest hits like ‘Rock Your Body’, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’, ‘Mirrors’, ‘Cry Me A River’ and many, many more as expected. You can watch the performance in full below.

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