Havoc Promises New Mobb Deep Album Before End of 2018

Hip-Hop lost a big one when Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away in June last year in Las Vegas due to accidental choking. But his partner Havoc is trying to keep his legacy alive.


The rapper-producer was a guest on MSNBC’s The Beat show with Ari Melber where he revealed that he’s currently working on a new Mobb Deep album which will be out before end of the year. “The way I’m reflecting on it is, I’m just trying to keep the legacy alive. We deserve that, and I’m currently working on the new album in conjunction with the family. It’ll be out there pretty soon, before the end of the year,” Havoc told Ari Melber.

The iconic group’s last studio album The Infamous Mobb Deep was released in 2014 independently with distribution from RED. Since then, the two artists put out solo projects but fans had been looking forward to new music from the two as a duo. Hopefully Havoc’s plans will stick.

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