Watch G-Eazy’s New Documentary ‘These Things Happened’

G-Eazy has partnered with YouTube for a new documentary titled These Things Happened in which they trace his rise from nothing to something.


The 14 minute film is an introspective look at his rise from being a young man distributing his mixtapes in the streets of Oakland to selling out arenas in 2018. Gerald himself does the commentary and gives a behind the scenes look at the work he’s put in since then to reach this stage of his career. They also talk about the role a platform like YouTube had in his success.

The doc starts with an old clip of the rapper standing in middle of Times Square in NYC talking to the camera, “One day, we’ll have a stupidly big ad in Times Square.” The short film ends with G-Eazy looking at his new YouTube-commissioned ad in Times Square. What a moment. Watch the Rob Semmer-directed documentary below.

Earlier today, G-Eazy announced his new The Endless Summer Tour with Ty Dolla Sign and Lil Uzi Vert kicking off in July.

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