John Legend Calls Hot 97 To Discuss Kanye West-Donald Trump Saga

When Kanye West went on Twitter and showed his love for Trump, one of his very good friends, John Legend decided to text him to talk to him about the dangers of his actions. Kanye eventually ended up sharing the texts on Twitter which initially wasn’t appreciated by John.


Kanye West revealed a text message conversation from John Legend where the singer asked his friend to reconsider aligning himself with Donald Trump and his recent rhetoric. After being respectfully shut down by Kanye, the singer decided to call Ebro in the Morning show on Hot 97 this morning to discuss the situation. It’s no surprise that John Legend made a lot of sense during his conversation.


“Kanye when he talks about Trump, I feel like he is thinking about him more in as a marketing triumph,” said John Legend on the call. “Like, I think he sees certain aspects of himself in Trump. He sees how brash he is, and that he don’t give a f**k, nobody believes he was going to win, and with a simple message “Make America great again” defied all the odds and beat the establishment. I think that’s appealing to Kanye, and I understand why that’s appealing to him, and I understand what’s appealing about it. But politics isn’t just branding and marketing it’s actual policy and it affects people,” he continued.

John also went on to say that what Kanye is doing is not a joke and what he’s doing can actually affect people’s lives. “It’s not a game. This is people’s real life. And if you’re operating from love, and you’re operating from empathy, and you’re looking at what this man [Trump] is actually doing, and trying to do…I don’t see how you align yourself with that and say you’re operating yourself from love.”

Listen to the conversation below. Earlier today, Chance The Rapper issued an apology for his ill-timed comments in the situation.

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