Lupe Fiasco Talks Creative Process, Influences, Hip-Hop In China & More

Since Lupe Fiasco stopped doing interviews shortly after the release of Tetsuo & Youth, we’ve gotten updates about his music and life on Reddit, Twitter and his Instagram Live series Super Facts which we’ve been enjoying in particular.


But to promote his show Beat N Path a few months ago, Lupe went to a few countries in Asia and did some interviews. A new one with the Chao Radio podcast has surfaced today which is 45 minutes. The MC talks about his different creative processes for different purposes, influences on his creative processes, his first experiences with China’s music and food, music he’s listening to at the moment and more. No real updates on DROGAS: Wave for a while now but if we don’t hear it in the next few days, hopefully it’s out shortly after Ramadhan.

Check out the podcast in full below.

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