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common sway 500x291

Common was a recent guest on Sway In The Morning show to promote his new album Nobody’s Smiling which hits stores July 22.

Com Sense spoke on his nature outside of Rap persona, issues with Drake over Serena Williams, working with young emcees like Vince Staples, dating celebrities, working with No I.D. on the entire album and more.

After the interview, Common went in on DJ Wonder’s ’5 Fingers of Death’ freestyle (20 minute mark). Of course he killed it.

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dame dash calls out kanye

Dame Dash and Kanye West have a very important history together as they both became famous and wealthy off of one thing — Roc-A-Fella. Obviously, today things are much different with the Roc than they were back then, and Dame is certainly on the outside looking in. In a recent interview with DJ Superstar Jay on Shade 45, Dame, along with Sen City, had some things to say about Kanye and the way he handled things when Kareem “Biggs” Burke, one of the co-founders of the Roc, was incarcerated.

At 3 different points in the interview, the 1:30, 9:50, and 11:35 mark, Dame specifically called out Kanye for not supporting and helping out with Biggs’ situation. And by the end of the interview, the tension was high. “Somebody call Kanye ask him if he lookedout for Biggs….I be seeing him spazzing out about bullsh*t — spaz out over the fact that you’re not looking out for Biggs or his kid. That’s what you need to spaz out about. Holler at me Kanye,” says a frustrated Dame.

Check out the 12-minute interview or those 3 different time marks after the break.

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yn jeezy 500x342

Jeezy is the latest guest on Elliott Wilson’s The Truth series.

He speaks on the delay behind his new album Seen It All, his work behind YG’s groundbreaking debut album My Krazy Life, why his formula worked out, issues with Freddie Gibbs and why that situation didn’t work out, what we can expect from his album and the work he has put in the creation, collaborating with Jay Z on the first single ‘Seen It All’ and more.

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jeezy mtv 500x281

MTV chatted with Jeezy at his ‘Me Ok’ video shoot in Atlanta recently where they asked him about the making of his Jay Z featured single ‘Seen It All‘.

Jeezy says that Hov told him he had tears in his eyes as he was writing his verse because it took him back to old days. “Every bar in that song was real.” says Jizzle.

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joe budden hollw da don 500x489

Joe Budden called into Angry Fans Radio and spoke on his battle with Hollow Da Don at Total Slaughter which he lost by an unanimous decision.

He speaks on the disappointment with mic issues at the event which according to him was one of the main reasons why he couldn’t get his flow going. Addressing the booing from the crow, the Slaughterhouse rapper says he still isn’t sure why the crowd starting booing when they were cheering him just a round ago. Joey also speaks on the possibility of second installment of Total Slaughter, if he will be ready to battle again and much more in this 40 minute conversation.

On a related note, Hollow Da Don also sat down with ThatShitIsHotSunlive for a chat about his win. Watch both interview after the cut.

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jay z jay elect revolt 500x301

Jay Electronica continues to make headlines even without dropping an album in his life. Revolt caught up briefly with the Roc Nation rapper at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this weekend where he brought out special guest Jay Z, Talib Kweli, J. Cole and Mac Miller.

In the chat, he says he’s glad that he’s back on the scene after having a hard time with intoxication.

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