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50 cent dj drama 500x500

50 Cent stopped by Shade 45 studios recently to speak with DJ Drama.

He discussed meeting Ja Rule on a plane, Troy Ave’s rise, leaving Interscope and why he feels good independent, close relationship with Eminem & sorting out business with Paul Rosenberg to leave Shady Records,why he’s confident about Animal Ambition, confirms that Street King Immortal is on the way, status of G-Unit and more.

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nas bill maher

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 20 years since Nas dropped the classic album Illmatic. I was 2 years old for crying out loud.

Anyway, to celebrate the two-decade anniversary, Nas has done several concerts, spoke at multiple events, and helped the culture re-live Illmatic 20 years later. To add to the trip down memory lane, Nas was the latest guest on Bill Maher’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” show. Esco joined the panel and talked about ‘Black Republicans’, the DeSean Jackson situation, the shooting at Ft. Hood and more.

Enjoy after the break.

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ti iggy rapfix 500x254

Currently live.

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dj mustard studio 500x296

Hardknock TV was able to catch up with DJ Mustard for an in-depth interview. It starts off with the super producer recreating the beat to YG’s platinum hit ‘My Ni**a’ and explaining the background behind it.

He then speaks on why he prefers working on a full album with an artist, people talking about how he’s influenced by the Bay Area sound, the fact that he’s got 8% of the Hot 100 and more.

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wale j cole 500x333

Wale’s new album Album About Nothing is due to release this Fall and fans will be happy to know that he’s working with his good friend J. Cole again. He revealed to MTV that he’s doing a lot with Cole and has already worked with DJ Premier as well.

“I’m working a lot,” the rapper told MTV News. “I’m doing a lot with J. Cole. I worked with DJ Premier so far. And I’m working with a lot of producers under my camp, Every Blue Moon.”

Wale also discussed details about his new imprint Every Blue Moon which he says isn’t just a recording label:

“Every Blue Moon is my imprin. It’s not just for recording artists. We’re collaborating with painters. I’ve collaborated with [visual artist] Jay West. He’s not signed to me, but I’ve collaborated with him. We’re gonna do a lot of stuff in the fashion world, as well. I’m working with my man Brock Korsan, he’s A&Ring the project, along with Dallas Martin. And I’m doing a lot of things with Nicky Diamonds. I just wanna affect the culture and wanna be able to support young people with goals that aren’t just limited to rapping and producing.”

elliott wilson la leakers interview

Elliott Wilson from is an iconic figure when it comes to Hip-Hop journalism. So much so, that other major publications and radio stations alike have interviewed the famed journalist quite often in the last several months. Next up is the LA Leakers who recently chopped it up with YN about how he broke into the journalism world, the first album he ever had to review, and much more.

Watch part 1 after the jump and be on the lookout for the rest coming soon.

UPDATE: Part 2 posted below. He talks about meeting Lil Wayne for first time for the CRWN interview at SXSW, Drake’s greatness, not being happy with Macklemore’s text to Kendrick and more.

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