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Most of the members of Jodeci stopped by at The Breakfast Club earlier to talk about their brand new album The Past, The Present, The Future. They also touched on the industry affecting them because they’re so young, Mary J. Blige, their Death Row affiliation, working with Diddy and a whole lot more that you can check out after the break.

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rihanna jimmy kimmel

Rihanna appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight for a special interview. She revealed that she’s ready to put her new album out but doesn’t have a clear date yet.

The highlight though is the clip of Rihanna playing a real life prank on Jimmy Kimmel by appearing in his bedroom in the middle of the night to perform her new single ‘B*tch Better Have My Money‘, which obviously left the host in shock. Watch it below.

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Rob Markman from MTV sat down with Kendrick Lamar recently where Kendrick revealed that the original name for the album was To Pimp A Caterpillar, broke down the inspiration for ‘Wesley’s Theory’ and ‘King Kunta’ and what he thinks of ghostwriting.

Part two will be out soon but for now, check out part one below.

UPDATE: Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the interview have been released today. He talks about depression, expressing his thoughts on ‘u’, expressing anger on ‘The Blacker The Berry’, concept behind ‘Mortal Man’ & using a 2Pac interview on the song, and more.

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Kendrick Lamar stopped by at Power 106 in his hometown LA for an interview where he discussed how he thinks about his albums as children, who LoveDragon is and why his identity is being kept a secret and going to Dr. Dre’s house.

In case you’re not aware, LoveDragon is credited as a producer on ‘How Much A Dollar Cost’ and ‘You Ain’t Gotta Lie’ from the new album but there is nothing to be found about him on the internet. There is speculation that it is Dr. Dre going by another alias but see what Kendrick said about it below.

UPDATE: In a new part of the interview, Kendrick Lamar talks about his trip to South Africa which inspired the album, not releasing certain songs, his album cover, the first time he heard his music on Power 106, a verse he loves that didn’t make it to the album and more.

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Wale’s The Album About Nothing hit the stores yesterday and a lot of people who were sleeping on him are pleasantly surprised by its quality. He hit The Breakfast Club this morning to kick knowledge about his love for the WWE, the importance of SOB shows, The Album About Nothing‘s skits, not getting the respect he deserves and a whole lot more. Watch it below.

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If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop, you at least know Elliott Wilson’s name but you might not know about the story. He sat down with RWTW TV on their 10th episode to discuss a whole bunch of topics from how he first got into Hip-Hop, advice he has for aspiring journalists, his path to success and the first time he meet B.I.G. to how he feels about Hip-Hop now, how Rap Radar formed, his current CRWN series and more.

Soak up some knowledge and watch the hour long conversation below.

Check out some of his CRWNs here: Big Sean | Nicki Minaj | T.I. | Lil Wayne | Drake

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